The Dark Knight Curse?

Is the death of Heath Ledger, Christian Bale being arrested and Morgan Freeman’s car crash all a coincidence?

Following the car crash involving movie star Morgan Freeman, just one in a long list of tragedies that have occurred to actors who star in the latest Batman movie, you help can’t but wonder: Is the Dark Knight really cursed?

The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger’s final completed movie, in which he plays the creepy character, the Joker, the first disaster occurred in January 2008, after taking an accidental drug overdose Heath was found dead in his Manhattan apartment, but this was not the only death, Conway Wickliffe was an New Zealand born special effects technician, he died in October 2007 whilst filming a stunt car from a camera truck he was on, sadly it crashed into a tree. Wickliffe worked on the Tomb Raider movies and also the Bond hit, Casino Royale.

The next event took place in July, the same day as the London premier of the film, Christian Bale, who played Batman, was arrested for assaulting his mother and sister, Bale was bailed pending further inquires but still denies the allegation.

The latest actor to be affected by the ‘curse’ was Morgan Freeman, it is believed he may have fallen asleep at the wheel, but it’s unlikely for four different people involved in the same film to suffer such bad luck in less than a year.

Will there be more tragedies to come? I don’t know, but I do if I was in The Dark Knight I’d be shitting myself right now…