Disaster Movie – TASTE IT!

Look at that, we’re quoting already!

Another one from “the writers of Scary Movie”.
While we love Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, Superhero Movie etc we’re yet to find a spoof movie that really gets us laughing like the Scary Movie films.

Step up Disaster Movie, taking the piss out of Iron Man, The Hulk, Enchanted… even poor little Hannah Montana gets the treatment (we LOL’d).

We’re also told to expect Batman, Cloverfield, High School Musical and even a bit of Amy Winehouse ripping in there.

The bit we’re loving is the Sex And The City piss take. We’re all big SATC fans here at Flecking but we have to say it’s hilarious. Check out the trailer…


This film will either be totally genius or exactly what it says on the tin, a total disaster movie. We’ll have to wait and see…