Elliot Minor 4 Flecking <3

Here at Flecking we like to cause a little bit of controversy, but when it gets out of hand, we feel we have to make amends. This would be the case with Elliot Minor. A few months ago, some things were posted on Flecking about the band that caused extreme backlash from their fans. Unfortunately, it was all taken out of context, and as much as we like to be a little cheeky, Flecking felt it was time to make peace.

So along came the Kerrang Awards, and Flecking’s chance was there to be had. After a brief chat and an apology, Flecking and Ed from Elliot Minor went on to bond over white wine, stick on transfer tattoos and more free alcohol. We could feel the love! The love continued on throughout the night, and we’re proud to say that Flecking Records and Elliot Minor are now good friends.

The Kerrang aftershow was everything it should be, and with a free bar, there was no stopping Flecking. I’d love to tell you more about the evening, but unfortunately I can’t. What happens at Kerrang, stays at Kerrang. We don’t want to piss off any more rock stars…

Image : Marie Callender