Another day another news story with a terrible pun in the title.

Bad news for all you Dave Williams fans – It was revealed this morning that Dave has left Kobe.
Dave joined Essex band Kobe shortly after leaving Son Of Dork just over a year ago, and now he’s leaving Kobe too.

Here is the official statement from the band :

Unfortunately Kobe has parted ways with Dave the current bassist for Kobe!

“Dave is still our close friend but due to differences we have decided to move on without him. We wish Dave the best in everything he does and of course we’ll keep you posted on anything new he does because he is such a great guy and a talented guitarist. Please remember Dave is a big personality probably the greatest and nicest guy you’ll ever meet and this isn’t meant in any other fashion, he genuinely is lovely. He is bound for great things we are sure of it, and if there’s anything we can do to push him we will, this is just the beginning of both Dave and Kobe, Dave we love you and miss you dearly, for the world to see and all his or her children. x x x Goodnight, Good Morning and let the fun begin :)”

Well there we are then. We’re sure Dave will be fine and we know Kobe are set for great things.

Maybe Dave is the ‘old friend’ Matt Willis told us he’s working with? (we wish)

In other Kobe news, our free album Legitimate Piracy will be available over the next couple of days featuring the Kobe track Little White Lies.

Watch this space!