Is there anything Tom can’t do?

Tom Fletcher is not only the main songwriter of McFly, he also co-wrote some of Busted’s hits. However this talent does not stop there. Whilst Tom was in Australia with the rest of the lads from McFly, he put pen to paper to write a few short stories for a children’s book. Heck, even our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown wanted to be part of it too.

WOW! 366 has more than 240 mini stories, each told in just 366 words.

Other writers were famous authors, including Roald Dahl, Charlie Higson, Anne Fine, Raymond Briggs, Nina Bawden, Roddy Doyle, Jeremy Strong, Terry Jones and Michael Morpurgo.

The profits from the sales will be given to many charities, one of which is ChildLine. So if you have a little brother or sister (the book is aimed at 5-11 year olds), or just fancy reading what Mr Fletcher wrote about, get yourself to your local book shop or follow the link below! NL

Knowing most McFly fanatics WOW!366 is now going to fly off the shelves quicker than a striped lizard on hot asphalt. You can get it at Amazon for a bargain price of £4.53 by clicking here!! (RRP £6.99) KM