Luke And Bex Return to BB

No, we’re not lying. Luke and Bex are officially lovebirds now. Have you seen the images in The Daily Star? Well, we have. The saucy pair are going back into the BB house to apparently show Rex and Nicole how it’s done. I don’t blame them. Ever since Nicole arrived, it’s been one thing after another with them two. Where did the romance go guys? No fear though. Luke and Bex are here to save the day! Bex and Luke have been told to give the housemates in question a lesson in lust.

The new loved up ex-housemates have only just returned from Las Vegas where they got married as part of a newspaper deal. Is there no stopping these two? It seems Luke has been taken away with Bex’s wild ways. Which we’re happy about really. Next thing you know he’ll be doing shots of vodka and dancing on tables. Maybe politics isn’t for you anymore Luke?

Make sure you are glued to your screens on August 27th. Big Brother will be doing a surprise mid week show to shock the housemates. And just when they thought they had got rid of them eh?

Can we bring Dale back then?