Men Of The 90’s

hh we do miss the 90’s! Adidas poppers, Tamagotchis, The Spice Girls… But the thing that really made the 90s for us was the TV shows. Saved By The Bell, Hang Time, USA High, City Guys, Boy Meets World… the drama! We like to think those shows made us the upstanding members of the community we are today *cough*.

So the important bit, the boys!! We started to wonder – what do they look like now? We all had our favourites at the time, but 10-18 years have gone by, are our pin ups still pin up-able? Would we or wouldn’t we?

Flecking investigates.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar AKA Zack Morris
(Saved By The Bell)

Then: We LOVED Zack. With his cheeky face, his bleach blonde hair and his bad boy (but not too bad) attitude.

Now: Oh no! That can’t be him? That hair, no no no!
Ahh but the cheeky face is still there, it’s still our Zack. We still would.
Mario López AKA AC Slater
(Saved By The Bell)

Then: Yes, but only if Zack wasn’t around. OK the hair
was a bit dodgy but check out those dimples.

Now: Oh. My. God. Hello Mario! Hasn’t he grown up nicely?
We wouldn’t mind.

Scott Whyte AKA Chris Anderson
(City Guys)

Then: We loved the hair, so 90’s.
Chris was a cutie – we actually wanted to move to NY.

Now: Living proof some things do get
better with age. Marry us?

Josh Holland AKA Jackson Green
(USA High)

Then: We loved Jackson, the guitar,
the naughty boy act, the blonde hair… he had
it all.

Now: Maybe. Probably not, but y’know… he might still call?
Joseph Lawrence AKA
Joey Russo

Then: Whoa! We loved Joey, all that hair, the
face – we’d want him as our big brother if we didn’t want
to marry him.

Now: I think I’m going to cry – where is his hair?
Still cute, but we’re going to have to negotiate the (lack of) hair.

The Lawrence Brothers (Brotherly Love)
We have to include this snap we stumbled across on Google.
Before: So so cute. Now: OMG
Matt : Yes. Andrew: NO! Joey: Take off that hat!


Will Friedle AKA Eric Matthews
(Boy Meets World)

Then: Corey was cute but brother Eric was fit.

Now: He literally looks no different.
We wonder if he’s married…
Michael Perl AKA Winston Egbert
(Sweet Valley High)

Then: Heck no, he was like such a geek.

Now: Is this the same person? I am literally calling up all the geeky boys I went to school with as I type.


They may be older but they’re fitter too and now we’re old enough to get a second look!
I don’t know about you, but I’m searching Amazon for box sets!