Sky buys drama from Lost creator

Fringe, a new US drama from the creator of Lost and Alias, has been bought by Sky One.

Science fiction series Fringe, by JJ Abrams, stars Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson (hubba hubba), John Noble from Lord of The Rings, Lost’s Lance Reddick and Australian actress Anna Torv.

The story begins when an international flight lands at Boston airport full of dead passengers and crew. So like Lost, only they’re not lost and they are actually dead…

A female FBI agent and scientific researcher then attempt to uncover the truth behind the unexplained phenomena.

David Smyth, head of acquisitions at Sky One said: “We’re delighted to have secured the rights to Fringe which we believe will thrill a new generation of viewers much like The X-Files did 15 years ago. ”

Some people are calling it a poor mans X-Files. In our eyes Josh Jackson trumps David Duchovny. We can’t wait.