Soap & Glory

“At Soap & Glory we believe you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to moisturize one (or the other, or both)”

You had me at hello.

Above you’ll find the opening paragraph on the Soap & Glory website. I’ve been a huge S&G; fan for a long time but I had never visited the website until I decided to write this blog.

The official site is currently under reconstruction (check it out here) but it’s still awesome and that opening paragraph has my vote. That’s what I love about S&G;, not only are the products amazing but the whole package (literally) is perfect, from the packaging the the utterly hilarious names.

Here are a few of my favourite S&G; products and their amazing names.

Easy Glistening
Dry Oil Body Gloss, £4.99
Get posher, softer skin now, with virtually no effort necessary!
Soap & Glory’s best selling body product, lazy girls just love this spray-on sweet-almond body gloss, with ultra subtle powder glimmer for sexy, long lasting shimmer. Perfect for party-prepping or as an everyday body softening oil.

One Night Tanned
Sun-Glow Spray, £8.99
Like spray on stockings, but in a colour that looks equally lovely on your shoulders as your toes, this transfer-resistant light sun-glow spray delivers quick and non-committal colour and is perfect for taking that winter-white edge off of ‘corned beef’ legs.
This is not a typical self tanner, so you don’t have to worry about streaks, skin stains or that wierd smell!.

Flake Away
Spa Body Polish, £5.99
Snakeskin shins? Stony elbows? Triceps in continuous rash-ridden bedlam?
Go for a swing in the shower with Flake Away, Soap & Glory’s spa-strength dry skin body polish, and put the bumps on your body to bed.

Trick And Treatment, £8.99
Under eye dark circle concealer. Special yellow-tone engineered to hide blush-purple undereye circles.

The Righteous Butter, £9.99
As featured in ‘How to look Good Naked’ TV series.
It’s smooth, creamy, velvety. It’s got a lovely scent, and it’s got supplements: skin softening shea butter and aloe vera to attract moisture, in a special ‘very dry skin’ formula. Some folks think it’s a bit addicitve!. So if you’ve lost that ‘rubbing feeling’ with your regular body moisturiser, we’d suggest you bring it on back with a jar of The Righteous Butter.

Hair Supply, £6.00
Super Gloss-Giving Radiance & Repair mask treatment for all hair types.

Sexy Motherpucker
Lip gloss, £8.00
Lip size found crucial for Sexual Attraction!
Soap & Glory’s new extreme-formula lip plumping gloss with scientifically proven superfill microspheres that explode in volume up to 10X when they come in contact with water.

Clean On Me
Shower Gel, £4.99
Already a wildly popular pick amongst the ‘love-to-scrub-up’ club, this super-sized shower gel has a bonus – built in body lotion – so you can get clean, smooth, sexy skin simultaneously.
Fragranced with Soap & Glory’s addictive signature scent and rich & creamy texture, we’re classifying Clean On Me with ‘must-have’ status.

The official site may be down, but you can still buy most of it from Boots here or in store. I’d get one of everything.