V Festival round-up

It was the festival that had a certain level of uncertainty about it. Would Amy Winehouse turn up or not? Well the good news (or bad, whichever you wish to look at it) was that she did. She may have warbled her way through, stumbled a bit and mentioned something about Blake but she got through both dates at Chelmsford and Staffordshire.

Aside from the rain, both days at both venues seemed to go quite well. Air Traffic played over at Chelmsford, and although they were on early, I can’t explain how sensational the set was. ‘Shooting Star’, has to be one of my favourite songs ever, and they performed it so well. I’ll definitely be heading to their next tour.

Whilst Muse were headlining at Chelmsford on Saturday, The Verve were over at Staffordshire making a mark of their own. Muse however wanted their set to be a bit out of this world, literally. During the week, the Devon band had decided that they wanted a UFO prop to come out of the sky and hover above the crowd during their set. This didn’t go to plan, as it didn’t fit in with the stage set. So they settled for beaming lights and satellites instead. I have to admit, I was in awe!

The Prodigy came back to their home and headlined the 4 Music Stage, where they played hits such as, ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Breathe’. Did you watch it? I did. That band is mental! It was just what I was expecting.

Lostprophets then had a bit of a disaster on Sunday just before they were due to go on stage in Staffordshire. Their guitarist Lee Gaze had to rush off as his pregnant wife had been taken into hospital. However, he quickly made it back in time for the last few songs. Gosh, bet that was a rush.

The Kooks played a astounding set both nights with huge applause from the eager crowd. They played 6 new songs to their eager fans, aswell as some old favourites. ‘You Don’t Love Me’ caused everyone to start a mass clap along. Bringing people together? That’s what The Kooks do.

On Sunday evening, Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs didn’t care that it was raining. He informed the crowd at Staffordshire, “It’s such a miserable day but I don’t give a shit.” That’s the spirit! The band went through all their classic hits, and made sure they entertained the crowd by getting them to sing louder and louder. Before they finished Ricky told the fans, “I want to be disappointing Chelmsford [crowds]… I want to tell them you’re much louder.” Well I think it worked.

Just another festival on another weekend, but it seems everyone had an amazing time. Reading, you’ve got a lot to live up to! Then again, they have Rage Against The Machine, The Killers and Metallica headlining. Guess I’ll see you lot at the front then…

Image from NME.com