We’re loving…

I love this bag so much it hurts!

Cuffz by Linz has created a collection of bags in various shapes and colours all designed around a pair of handcuffs.

It’s designed to be functional, like if you’re on a night out you can actually handcuff the bag to your wrist to keep it save. I hadn’t really thought about that, I was just dazzled by how great it looks!

The ‘Oh Bondage’ Vanity bag (below left) can be bought online directly from the designer for $295 (£150 ish). They’re a little trickier to get hold of in the UK but well worth it!

The bags are not short of celebrity fans either.

Not only are they a great look but they’re so much more than a bag. At a recent gig my friend who was doing the merchandise removed the cuffs from my bag and tried to pack up all the merch with them on. (in case you were wondering she did it really well)

However Cuffs are keen to point out in the description of the product “CUFFZ does not condone using handcuffs for unsafe or criminal purposes. Behave, girls!!”