Fightstar exclusive!!

For all you dedicated Fightstar fans, we have a rather exciting exclusive for you about the new album. We recently told you that they were going to be releasing a new single in the next few months, and an album at the beginning of next year. Well, our secret sources have managed to get hold of a few track names!

However as with all of these things, some of these names are subject to change.

The tracklisting as it stands is as follows:

– Whisperer
– War Machine
– Follow Me Into The Darkness
– Be Bop
– Decimator
– Mercury Summer
– English Way
– Tonight We Burn
– Alex Jones
– You Never Change
– Calling On All Stations

The name of the new single is up their too, but we’ll let you guess that one!

Fightstar also cancelled their gig for the Portsmouth Festival today. All details are on their blog.

Image: Kerrang Awards