Imagine the scene…
You are sat in a pub in Cornwall, having dinner with the b/f. His choice of headwear is questionable, so as a suggestion you point to a young man at the bar and say “you need a Dougie-style hat, like that one”. Only to realise that the stylish man in question is in fact THE Dougie Poynter. And he’s having a drink with a group of friends including his other 3 band members! And best of all, there are no McWAGs in sight!!
We are witness to some of Harry’s best dance moves and some McFly pool playing throughout the evening. And in true Flecking style we took some [stalker-ish] photos of Danny & Harry at the bar, and Dougie at the cigarette machine next to us. Naughty naughty!
What an evening, sharing a bar with your fave band. It’s nice to see them being normal boys, having a laugh and not being mobbed by crowds of crazy stalker fans. But just as you think it couldn’t get any better…
The b/f is giving you a surf lesson the next day, and to be perfectly honest you’ve never EVER surfed before. Who is there to witness your first wipeout? Well all 4 of McFly of course! All those surfing lessons in Oz must have paid off – they are all having a good go, but Harry definitely wins the award for McSurfing champion. He’s actually pretty good. Cowabunga dude!
We hear the boys have a house in this lovely sea side town. I certainly know where I’ll be holidaying next summer!!