Please, please give us some answers McFly!

This is more of a public service, to reassure all you lovely McFly fans that you are not going mad! We were listening earlier to our copy of the new McFly single, and during Going Through The Motions we were confused… was it a dodgy cover? Was Danny having a bad day? Was itunes playing up?
It sounds like something’s gone wrong somewhere in the mixing of the single, as it’s been slowed down for no apparent reason! And that’s not all, I beg you to listen to the interview. The word “trailer” sounds like either Dougie’s voice has broken, or another mixing fiasco.
We’re not the only ones to have noticed, there are many messages on the official forum and Myspace from confused fans. Will we just be left with dodgy copies of the single? Answers on a postcard…

Listen to GTTM live here!

Posted by: Lucy