Danni and Simon row on X Factor

If you were watching X Factor on Saturday, you would have seen the tension between Simon Cowell and Danni Minogue.

The pair clashed off-screen last Saturday after Danni had a go at Simon for singling her acts out on the show. Apparently Danni feels as if Simon has been criticising them a little bit too much.

During one advert break, the singer accused Simon of ignoring her. She was overheard asking Cowell, “What’s your problem?”

Simon responded by saying, “I haven’t got one, you have.”

During the live 10pm results show, it was obvious that the row was still going on. Last year’s winner Leon Jackson performed his debut single, ‘Don’t Call This Love’.

Danni, furious with Simon, told everyone on live TV, “I just wanted to say I’m so proud. And I have to add Simon did not discover Leon. He didn’t want him in the competition. But you rock, my friend.”

However, as we know, Simon doesn’t sit down and take these sort of comments. After the show he told Danni, “Don’t you ever show me up like that again.”

Although there was obvious tension, we’re starting to wonder maybe it’s because they secretly love each other? Don’t laugh just yet! The rumours first started when Simon asked Danni to be a judge on the show last year, then to add to this they were pictured holding hands in a back of a cab on the way home from BBC’s Children in Need. Aww, bless. Maybe it was just a lovers tiff then!

Cheer up judges, you’ve got a show to win.