The Magazine – Issue 3!

The moment you have all been waiting for! Issue 3 of Flecking Records magazine is online now.
It was our second birthday on the 1st October and this is our biggest issue yet.
So what could we possibly offer you this issue? If interviews are your thing you’re in for a treat!
Our cover boy this issue is TV and film star Scott Whyte! We remember Scott back when he was in City Guys (and boy did we have a crush on him back then) so when we stumbled upon his music career we were pleasantly surprised! Some of his movies may give us nightmares but his musical talent has a far more positive effect (and we still have a crush). We spoke to Scott about his films, his music, his look and the possibility of a City Guys reunion.
Next up we have All Time Low. More than just an interview, we taught All Time Low some English slang (which they used at their gig) and had an interesting game of word association.
Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden interviewed Joe Parry of up and coming talent July Rising with hilarious consequences! We’re all big fans of Chas’ writing, he could write us hate mail and we’d still love it, so this interview is one not to be missed!
One of the funniest interview we have for you is our girly magazine interview with Third Time Luckie. All the questions we asked them were ones we found in girly magazines such as More, Cosmo and Company. You have to read this interview, it’s both fascinating and refreshing to find out how girly boys can be, but don’t be fooled, these boys are dirty!
We’ve also got hot new talent in the form of Mark Mathews, Yes Sensei and Chinastyle.
Our free album Legitimate Piracy was released last month so we’ve got a special feature on music piracy featuring MC Lars, Army Of Freshmen, Kobe, The Story So Far and more!
After the success of out The Truth About Touring feature in the last issue we decided to rain on another parade, The Truth About Being With The Band! Band boys, bitches, backstage, booze, buses and backstabbing – not to be missed if you wonder what it’s like behind the scenes!
News and exclusives come, first of all, in the form of our news page! We have exclusive news from Matt Willis (his new band), James Bourne (his plans for the future and what he’s been up to) and Danny Hall (plans to gig and make videos). If that’s not enough for you we have an exclusive photo of Matt Willis’ new tattoo – we were shocked when we saw it!
We have a new DJ Willis feature from last week and because it’s our birthday we’ve recapped on our top 4 DJ Willis sets to date!
We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the past two years and to celebrate our birthday we’ve got four pages (we could have easily filled 40) of photos, memories, interview highlights and more from the past couple of years. We’ve also included some wonderfully sweet birthday messages from some of our favourite bands that we’ve worked with as well as an extra special message from Matt Willis.
We’ve also got McDrama, reviews, festival coverage, secrets, fashion and more! Click here to read.