Matt’s Nice

David Gest has donated £3,000 to Millvina Dean, the final remaining survivor of the Titanic.

Millvina was two months old when the Titanic sank, killing 1,500 people on its maiden voyage.

The I’m A Celebrity… contestant gave the cheque after hearing that Dean was being forced to sell memorabilia from the famous ship to pay for her nursing home fees.

For some reason Matt Willis went along to Hampshire with David too. Bless him!

He says he wants to enlist superstar friends like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Steven Seagal to help her cause. It must be true, it’s not like David to make things up!

Gest told the Daily Echo “I’ll see if I could get some things from Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and some other people, and call Steven Seagal and I’ll call Matt Willis and we’ll put together some items for your paper and see if we can raise a bunch of funds.”

“I want to be like that when I’m 96,” said Gest. “Living in the UK, I thought as an honorary Englishman I could do something good.

“She’s a sweetheart, so why should she at 96 have to worry about £3,000 and paying her rent?

“If that money can help her get to sleep at night then I’m just going to have to earn a bit more money to make it up.”

More David Gest on TV then? Can’t wait!

Image: Daily Echo