My Sky +

For a media blog today I thought I might share with you my ‘to be recorded’ list on Sky +!
So if you’re stuck for something to watch, or want something good to record for later then look no further! (especially if, like me, you are stuck in bed poorly)

Reeker – 13:30, Sky SciFi/Horror
Our magazine cover boy Scott Whyte at his finest! The film he told us made him “sleep with the TV on” a few nights! We’re scared, but we do love Scott!

Never Mind The Buzzcocks – 21:00, BBC2
New series. Stephen Fry tonight… hmm. Should still be funny though!

Sex And The City – 22:00, Paramount Comedy 1
I record SATC every night, I never tire of it! We’re back to series 1, Carrie wants big to commit and threesomes are in the air for Sam and Charlotte!

The Faculty – 21:40, Sci Fi
I first watched this film when I was 15 at a sleepover and I haven’t seen it since! A blast from the past for me!

To Catch A Predator – 1:30, FX
It’s odd but I love this! They lure sex offenders who think they are meeting underage teens. Instead they are met by a camera team to be interviewed before being turned over to the police!

Harry and Paul – 21:00, BBC1
Hurrah for Harry and Paul! We love love love Harry and Paul!

South Park – 21:00, Paramount Comedy 1
Brand new and exclusive! In this episode Cartman gets AIDS.

Little Britain USA – 21:30, BBC1
I didn’t think this was very good last week but I’m willing to give it another go!

Alan Carr’s Celebrity Ding Ding – 21:30, C4
It’s Eastenders vs Corrie! Martine McCutcheon, Jessie Wallace, Todd Carty and Joe Swash vs Julie Goodyer, Ian Reddington, Sally Lindsay and Bruce Jones.

Casualty – 20:40, BBC1
Loves it!

All Star Family Fortunes – 22:15, ITV1
Erm. Well Willis is on?

Peter Kay’s [very long name] – 20:00, C4
Not sure if this looks as good as people are making it out to be! We’ll see…

Fringe – 21:00, Sky1
Two words: Josh Jackson. Last weeks episode was a bit odd, after this one we’ll know if it’s the new Lost or not!

Lipstick Jungle – 22:00, Living
“The new Sex And The City” ? Probably not, but it’s just starting to get good!

The Family – 21:00, C4
I’m addicted to this, but after the last episode… the dad is an arsehole? He seems like a bit of a bully, although I don’t know if thats for the benefit of the cameras? I think his son got it right when he called him a twat!

Jack Osbourne… – 21:00, ITV2
Once again, Willis is on, we feel obliged!

Fonejacker – 22:00, E4
Oh my god. How funny was that window cleaner sketch? More from the amazing Fonejacker!