New MTV shows

When we saw this picture it made us feel physically sick!

Speidi (Spencer & Heidi from The Hills) are seen in an LA Taco Bell [quote from] “scoffing down junk food to raise awareness of world hunger”. Just as shameless as those rumours they may get married live on MTV. Is there nothing these two wont do for publicity?
You can catch the gruesome twosome on the new series of The Hills starting 8pm this Sunday on MTV ONE.
And talking of MTV reality shows, Living On The Edge is starting its second series on MTV ONE from 12th October. The problem is they seem to have only retained one character! They’ve kept whiney Stephen (do I like Esme? do I like Brooke? blah blah blah) but there’s no mention of Esme, Charlotte, Becky or Brooke. Tbh it’s a bit of a disappointment because as we know from The Hills it’s always the girls who create the drama. Girls rule!
Find details of both The Hills & Living On The Edge as well as other great shows (Run’s House, Brooke Knows Best etc) on