Ruddy Hell!

Oh dear! Looks like Harry and Paul are in trouble…

The comedy can be quite hit and miss but one sketch this is always a hit with us is Clive the Geordie!

Last weeks episode saw the “posh” southern English family trying to breed their Northerner (ahh you know the sketch) with a neighbours Filipina maid! The idea behind the sketch is that the family treat their Northerner like a pet.
However, The Philippine Foundation aren’t amused! However, I don’t hear any Geordies kicking off about it? And they’re the butt of the joke!

The Philippine Foundation launched an online petition “to show BBC UK that the behaviour illustrated in their show would not go unnoticed.”

A spokesman for the show said it was “in no way” meant to cause offence.
“Harry and Paul is a post-watershed comedy sketch series and as such tackles many situations in a comedic way,” said the spokesman, from production company Tiger Aspect.
“Set in this context, the sketch in question is so far beyond the realms of reality as to be absurd – and in no way is intended to demean or upset any viewer.”

Maybe Nelson Mandela will be kicking off over his sketches next! (Nelson Mandela’s extacy tablets – need I say more?).

This isn’t THE sketch in question, but one of our favourite Clive the Geordie sketches!

Here is the sketch: