We don’t want to bombard you with Matt & Emma interviews but we thought it was worth a mention that they got the cover of Celeb (the magazine you get free with the Sunday Mirror).

It’s quite typical, with lots of questions about Matt’s “drinking problem” and I’m A Celeb… so nothing much that’s new to report.

Interesting bits are as follows :

Matt: “TV isn’t what I want to be doing for good. I’ve put music on the back burner for a while, but I’m getting all itchy again.”

Matt: “I’ve become obsessed with silly things like cigars. I’m obsessed with getting loads of tattoos now too. Tattoos, motorbikes and cigars are my life now”

Matt: “I’d be stoked to be a dad. You can have a kid on a tour bus can’t you?”

Matt: “How do you get 600 rats ready for a trial? Do they have one massive rat shagging tent? I want to know.”