Craig David – Greatest Hits?!

Yes, the once fat- then scrawny- now muscly musical man is set to release his first greatest hits on November 24th. To be fair the man has sold over 13 million albums, and with his hit single ‘Rewind’ on it, it’s probably going to do very well.

Wait for the name… It’s ‘Greatest Hits’. Craig, it took you too long to work that one out! But we’ll forgive you because you’ve put ‘Fill Me In’, ‘7 Days’, your collaborations ‘Rewind’ (with Artful Dodger) and ‘Rise & Fall’ (with Sting) on this album. There are two brand new tracks on it too, which come in the form of the new single ‘Insomnia’ (out Nov 17th) and ‘Where’s Your Love’, recorded with underground grime sensationTinchy Stryder.

So who’s next for a greatest hits then? Maybe Busted? That would be the day.

Anything to make money, eh Bourne?