Kara does her bit for charity

Kara Tointon has been talking to The Metro about her recent trip to Zambia, where she was helping to promote Christian Aid’s Present Aid campaign.

Kara said of her visit “there aren’t many men around, they’ve all been wiped out by HIV and there’s a stigma about it. We visited a children’s club. It was all about why you need to respect yourself and other people and it gives them sex education. I think we should have the same thing in Britain. My family will be buying presents from the Christian Aid website this year. Something like £7 for a pair of shoes will make a big difference to those children’s lives.”

Here she is talking about Present Aid:

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Of course her work for charity is extremely important, but we are always intruiged by her relationship with James Bourne. It’s only a small insight, but she says “the girls would shout abuse and throw things. Actually, they only threw something once but it didn’t hit me. I didn’t go to that many places with James as you know what might happen if your boyfriend’s in a boy band.”