“Matt does a willy dance…”

If you haven’t gone out to the shops today and bought the latest issue of Heat magazine, then I suggest you do.

There’s a brilliant interview with Mr and Mrs Willis, and aside from all the general chit chat, it’s actually hilarious. They are extremely open and talk about Matt’s “willy dance”. Intrigued? You should be. Let’s just say that Emma ended up with a painful eye the morning of the interview…

The picture of them two is bloody brilliant too. We’re massive Heat fans at Flecking, so we were rather excited when we saw this in the contents section. Most of the interview talks about married life, Matt’s drinking and rehab, kids, ‘I’m a celeb…’ and kangaroo anus. We don’t think anyone’s ever going to forget that Matt!

Here’s a few of our favourite quotes…

“He flicks it about”
“I have to do as I’m told now”
“She blows burps into my face..”
“Matt does a willy dance”

We personally cannot get over the last column. It’s absolutely sensational and just shows how together they both are. We’re in love with the Willis’!

Go buy Heat now!!