Mr Matt Willis

The actual grown up.

Sorry i haven’t been keeping you all up to date! Very poor of me!!!!!
I promise i will be coming on to tell you stuff that is going on from now on!
Its weird coz my old record label kinda looked after this with me, so now its just me!
My website is all theirs so not sure what’s gonna happen there??? I know the forum is down. Ill talk to them about regaining control of that soon!

As for What’s been going on with me….. Lots!!!!
Not all good, as you probably know James and me were in a court battle over the first Busted record! WE WON!!! And we should of as they were talking shit!!!
Been doing a bit of telly stuff, just to get money really, Court is well pricey!
And even though we won we cant get money out of people who don’t have any!
Still have to pay a mortgage. Man i’m well grown up now!!
Got married!!! Once again very grown up!

And also started writing songs for a new album!
Its really early days right now but i’m well stoked and super exited about it!
When thing progress i promise you’ll be the first people to know.

I really love coming on here and reading all the wicked stuff you write.
I thank you guys so much for everything you do and all the support you give me.
You really are ACE.