S Club 3 act attacked!

Jo O’Meara was quite happily performing alongside Bradley and Paul until someone decided to attack her with a bottle on Wednesday night at a gig in Bradford.

We had previously reported that the 3 members of hit pop act S Club 7 were reuniting to perform a few shows around the country, although we’re pretty sure this has put them off.

The female singer had to be rushed off to hospital after the attack. She collapsed to her knees and had to be helped off stage afterwards. This left her with a gaping two-inch head wound.

Bradley was less than impressed, and after the incident, he shouted out, “It takes just one idiot to ruin everybody’s night. If you are going to throw a glass, throw it at me… you had to spoil it.”

Jo is now safely back in London recovering from her ordeal, but being the trooper she is, she’s more worried about the fans, “We were all having a great time until the incident and would like to apologise to fans that our set was cut short,” she said.

A 20-year-old male is now being questioned by the police. We hope he gets charged. Violence is completely unacceptable.

Get well soon Jo!