We’re doin’ it Chinastyle

One of our new favourite bands, Chinastyle, played the live stage at this years Music Live at Birmingham NEC. Flecker for the day Jennifer Wood reviews…

“Walking in to the dark hall and seeing a band sound checking, you could almost just confuse them for being just another boy band, until you look closer and realise these guys have been around before. While they were amazing in their former guises, they are incredible as Chinastyle. During their ridiculously short set they played songs from the upcoming album and also the two released singles, Trip the Light Fantastic and Never Good Enough. Throughout their entire set they owned that stage, continuously communicating with the audience dedicating songs to both old and new fans and thanking all those in the crowd. The crowd loved them, nearly everyone was getting their groove on in their own way. If you like songs with a strong bass, awesome riffs, amazing drums and lyrics you can understand, this is a band you need to see live. They are a refreshing change from the bands that dominate the music scene these days; these guys have raw, individual talent as musicians and don’t rely on their looks to take them far, although there is no denying for the red blooded females out there that the Chinastyle boys are very nice to look at.

They also made time after their set to meet and greet fans.
We believe the album is due to be released around February time and we’re sure we can expect them to follow that up with a tour.
These guys really are one of the best new bands out there at the moment, they just need their big break, and boy do we hope they get it soon, with the energy and enjoyment you can see they get out of performing, they deserve it.”