We ♥ Hill Valley High

We spent the weekend in Manchester and we interviewed the lovely Hill Valley High.

What a wicked bunch of lads, we literally laughed from start to finish!
Personal highlights include playing Mr & Mrs and the fact we managed to fit all 8 of us in the hotel bathroom – that doesn’t sound so bad but all 6 of them were in the shower cubical!!!

So what do I think of the HvH boys?

I am genuinely impressed by Phil’s weird bubble thing that he does, and he and Finchy are to be perfectly honest the best carol singers I have ever heard, and they know how to wear a pair of ear muffs! Finchy also carries around a Chapstick – this is the most amazing thing ever.

Olly has the best fringe in the world and he and Finchy rock at Mr & Mrs.

Dan and Aidey make an adorable couple – we have photos of them in the shower together and Dan is really working the towel on the head look!

And last but not least, Danny Trouble Hall! He might have left us with some suspect yellow stains in our bed and our kettle at a peculiar angle but he made the drinks and we love that he uses Chocolate Fingers as straws!

All in all a fantastic day, and we’re going to share it with you!! Check out the next issue of our magazine, out this month!!

Danny Hall gets a phone call.
When he finds out the question he’s keen to get off the phone, check out his profound response!


Carol Singers