Be his Gest…

Be his Gest, put his performing to the test!

You wouldn’t think with David Gest’s what actually happened : total bullshit ratio that he couldn’t cram his life story in to a mere 3 hours – well he can!

Tonight a Flecker went along to David Gest : My Life for 3 hours packed with breakdancers, 80s bands, midgets and Chinese girls with herpes… at least he’s original. All this was served up with a healthy dose of name dropping.

Celebs spotted in the audience include Carol McGiffin and Vanessa Feltz.

Kerry Katona starred in the show – with Gesty as a priest trying to cleanse her soul… No comment.

However for us the star of the show was the lovely Matt Willis – you can see The Willis in the video below, watching Gest with the look of an embarrassed parent. We love it.

We love that there is no mention of Bourne, apart from about 8 seconds in to the video when some bloke shouts “Where’s James?”.

Our Flecker gave the show 6/10… because it was only a tenner to get in!

Big thanks to Mark Jarvis.