Brad Zip

‘Scraping the fashion news barrel so soon?’ we hear you cry! Well, Brad Pitt may have committed the ultimate fashion faux-pas, but we can’t help but stare when someone has their fly down… especially when it’s Brad Pitt! And where was this we hear you ask? It was on the red carpet (of sorts) of all places!

He is in Paris as part of his world tour promoting his latest film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which he stars as a man who ages backwards.

I’m not overly keen on his outfit, regardless of whether he’s flying low. Jeans and a hoodie? How Hollywood. The hat isn’t working, and the third eyebrow above the lip is quite off putting. 10/10 for the scarf.
(Can I just add, this IS Brad Pitt – he could dye his hair blue and dress like a woman, he’d still be devastatingly gorgeous!)

Looks like Brad needs a Button instead of a zip… ok, NOW we’re scraping the barrel!