CBB Line up revealed (with fees…)

Whether or not you give two flying shoots about CBB, you always know the house is going to be pure entertainment. Sticking wannabe celebs in a house together and watch them fight about who is more famous? Brilliant TV!

And so this year is going to be no different. However, we’ve got a feeling it’s not all about being on TV. It’s also about the money these people will be receiving for being on the show. Read below, and we’re sure you will be as surprised as we were!

£20,000 – Ben Adams (Was in one of our favourite boybands… A1!)

£30,000 – Coolio (Real name Artis Leon Ivey Jr. Remember the song, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ from the film Dangerous Minds? That was him!)

£30,000 – Tina Malone (Plays Mimi in Shameless)

£50,000 to £75,000 – Mutya Buena (Used to be in girlband, Sugababes)

£50,000 to £75,000 – Terry Christian (Presents a weekend show on BBC Radio Manchester)

£60,000 – Michelle Heaton (Was in Liberty X)

£100,000 – La Toya Jackson (Michael Jackson’s sister)

£150,000 – Lucy Pinder (Some glamour model)

£136,000 – Verne Troyer (Played Mini-Me in Austin Powers)

£175,000 – Ulrika Jonsson (Y’know the lady who had a relationship with Sven Goran Eriksson…and another child)

Fee not revealed – Tommy Sheridan (Controversial Scottish socialist politician)

Fee not revealed – Steve Strange (New Romantics singer)

It’s ok Ben Adams, if it was our show, we’d give you millions!

Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.