Check YOU Out!

Any girl worth her Swarovski knows the importance of carrying a compact mirror.

Obviously it’s ideal for the vain of you (people like me), who like to top up their make-up and sort out their hair on the go.
Lip gloss is great (click here for our current favourite), but it rarely lasts more than an hour or so – without my compact I’d be trying to see my reflection in shop windows and car wing mirrors.

They’re also great for sneaking a peek behind you, or trying to look at someone without them knowing – the ultimate perving tool.

Simple? Not quite. Not any compact will do ladies, this is as much a part of your outfit as your shoe’s or your handbag! That’s why we’ve hunted down the sexiest (affordable) compact we could find. It’s only £16.99 from Amazon and features pink and white Swarovski crystals, which I love!

We’ve added the link to our store, click here to visit the store and you’ll find it in the fashion section.