♥ Heath!

2008 may have flown by, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a whole year since the tragic death of the talented Heath Ledger.

It is exactly one year today since Heath died of an accidental overdose. This year would also be the year of his 30th birthday.

The anniversary of the Australian star’s tragic death comes just after he was posthumously awarded a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor for his role as arch-villain the Joker in blockbuster The Dark Knight.

He is odds-on favourite to win the best supporting actor Oscar at the Academy Awards on February 22.

To celebrate Heath’s life, below are a few of our favourite Heath Ledger video highlights.

RIP Heath! You are truly missed!

Patrick Verona

Sir William Thatcher / Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland


The Joker


Ennis Del Mar