Horne 4 Minogue

WHEN Mathew Horne co-hosts the Brits next month with Kylie Minogue he’s ready for tongues to start wagging again.

Because last year there were reports that the Gavin & Stacey star and the Pop Princess were dating — rumours Mat finds hilarious.

He laughs and explains: “If I’d shagged Kylie everyone would know about it. EVERYONE! I would have a T-shirt and a tattoo telling them.

“The idea of people camping outside my mum’s house last year to ask her if I’m seeing Kylie is ridiculous!

“Of course nothing happened. Of course not. She’s Kylie!

“Obviously I fancy her. Me and James (Mat’s comedy partner James Corden) have completely different tastes in women. But Kylie is right in the middle of our Venn diagram. She’s a multi-millionaire and really fit pop star so, though she’s not my usual type she’s exempt from those rules.”

If you like Mat then you’ll love the next issue of our magazine! We were lucky enough to have a chat with the man himself!