Lily likes them old… and rich

Well we certainly don’t blame her for the last part! Rich is great, but old? Lily Allen, are you feeling ok?

She told The Sun, ‘It’s funny because my boyfriends have gone up in terms of age and how much money they make. Lester [Lloyd, her first boyfriend] was 20 and had no money, Seb [Chew] was 30 and had a bit more, Ed [Simons, of the Chemical Brothers] was 40 and had a bit more and Jay [Joplin] is nearly 50.

‘That means the next one’s probably going to be 60. I like them old… and rich!’.

Fair enough, but give us a sexy, young, rich man any day! Or poor, or a little older… We’re not really fussy! Form a queue now fellas…