Mathew Horne Interview

Teenage Cancer Trust 2009 - Press Room Day 6
"It's big camp fun."

2009 is going to be a very busy year for Gavin and Stacey star Mathew Horne.
I was lucky enough to have a chat with him.

Mat, how are you? Have you had a good Christmas?
I am getting there. Was poorly over christmas, as usual, and the gift of whisky helped me through it.

You’ve got a lot going on this year! You’re starting in Entertaining Mr Sloane. This is your West End debut, how are you feeling?
I am feeling apprehensively excited (I like to include an oxymoron of sorts in all my interviews). It’s a great part and a great play – I hope I do it justice.

And of course we’ve got your sketch show Horne & Corden to look forward to, what can you tell us about that?
It’s a show full of sketches with me and him in it a lot. There’ll be internet virals, billboards and sides of buses very shortly which will tell you more about it! I am very proud of it.

Lesbian Vampire Killers sounds interesting…
It’s big camp fun. March 20th – fun for all the family.

Is this the start of Mathew Horne : Movie Star?
I have no idea or control over that.

AND you’re running XFM nights? What kind of bands are you putting on?
Really, really cool ones (that are my mates and who’ll do it for me and a bit of free publicity!).

The Gavin & Stacey Xmas special was great, and we can’t wait for the third series. Are you anything like Gavin in real life?
[Laughs] No, although it’s hard convincing people. He’s much nicer than I am and I have better taste in hair and clothes.

We think he’s a snappy dresser and you’re quite stylish yourself, do you have any say in his wardrobe?
We just wanted him to be firmly rooted in the Mod. Preston was our costume reference point way back when we first discussed it. My wardrobe is very different. Mine’s more indie chic and I am ashamed to say I’m a label whore. He’s just straight up Fred’s n’ Sherman.

When you were working on the first series did you have any idea the show was going to be as popular as it is?
Not really no, you can never tell, with any show, there are so many factors and variables when making a TV show, it’s impossible to anticipate.

Who’s your favourite character in the show?

You and James have worked a lot together this past year, and it looks like you’ll be doing more in ’09. Does it feel weird working on projects where he’s not involved?
Not really. I have only known him two years!

Who’s a bigger hit with the ladies, you or James?
In the normal world, him. On MySpace, me.

Complete the sentence.
2009 is going to be all about…
365 days long.