VS2 Alternative Giftware

Not a name you have heard of before, right?
Well, you’ve heard it from us Fleckers first!
This site is one of the best for unique and fun accessories. We don’t know about buying any of the items on the site for gifts, we want to buy them all for ourselves!

Alot of the products they have on the site are rare finds for us in the UK, so grab what ever takes your fancy as soon as you see it on the site to avoid missing out.

Our favourites have to be this bag and purse.
The bag is £27.50 and the purse is £20. Bargain!

Click here to go to their online shop.

Also, if you have a Myspace account, be sure to add them on there to recieve updates on new products that come in to stock and also for items that are not being put up in the store.
Click here to see their profile.