80’s darling…

Last week I headed out in some rather funky 80’s gear. It was difficult getting it all together or knowing what to wear. However, over the next few days I learnt that the 80’s were coming back. The fashionista’s have been rambling on about it for ages, but I was obviously seriously out of the loop! No matter whether it’s early 80’s or late 80’s.. it’s all in fashion. It’s been making a few appearances over the last few years (baggy jumpers, leggings, headbands etc), but now it’s fully back, and I couldn’t be happier!

Get your look from River Island, who have a whole section on ‘I love 80’s’!Oversized paint splash tee £16.99

Bling denim jacket £39.99

Pearly chain necklace £29.99
Studded pink court shoe £36.99

Everything must clash, and team it all with a men’s blazer or short denim jacket. Just remember, big and bold!