Look at the photo on the right (and try not to read ahead), who do you think this hairy beast is?

It’s someone you’ve heard of.

Someone stunningly handsome.

A world famous actor (possibly) embarking on a music career.

Yes! It’s Joaquin Phoenix – I honestly think I’m going to cry.

I can’t believe the gorgeous Gladiator actor is underneath all that hair!!

So what’s going on? First he’s quitting film to embark on a music career, then it comes out in the press that it’s all just an act and now the star is assuring people that he really is trying to make it in the world oh hip-hop!

Last week we reported that a source told Entertainment Weekly magazine: “He said, ‘It’s a put-on. I’m going to pretend to have a meltdown and change careers, and Casey is going to film it.’

However the not so sexy Mr Phoenixhas responded to reports that his career as a rapper is a joke, and says that the source who ‘outed’ the hoax, may be someone there’s bad blood with. Maybe his hair dresser?

Phoenix says that his rap career so far has consisted of free-styling, and that he gets nervous prior to performing, as he gets heckled.

“I did a lot of free-styling around the studio and I’ve gone to small places, and I guess some people there filmed it and shit, and put it out there,” he told NYMAG.com. “But it’s been really nerve-wracking, because there’s literally people there heckling you. It was really difficult, I got really nervous.”

He also said that the source who claimed the move into music is a hoax is “clearly somebody who is an old friend, or somebody that I worked with on music. You know, I’ve worked with a lot of people on music in the past, and oftentimes those things don’t work out. Sometimes you have some bad blood between people, and that’s all that I imagine where it comes from.”

Phoenix also confirmed that he will begin working with P Diddy “shortly” but did not say if he will be producing the record.

So he might not be his usually handsome self, but is he actually any good at rapping? The short answer is no, heck – the long answer is no. NO! He’s terrible. Watch the video below.


And if that’s not embarrassing enough, while jumping around like an idiot he falls over.

This all seemed a little two familiar, I was sure I’d witnessed something as cheesy and embarrassing as this from a Hollywood star before and the it hit me… Dennis Quaid! Old enough to be my dad but still a bit of a fittie, Quaid for some bizarre reason got up on stage with Tommy Lee and “got down” to the music. Drunk dad dancing at a wedding alert, only it’s not a wedding, he’s on stage with Tommy Lee!! And there are cameras… lots of cameras!
Watch below at your own risk. Flecking takes no responsibility for any embarrassment this may bring upon your person for the poor celebrity.


What is going on? Sort your film stars out Hollywood!