It’s A Jungle Out There!

Having successfully seen every episode of Sex And The City about a million times, and the second movie still not on it’s way I’ve been struggling to get my fix of a girly sitcom packed full of laughs, pretty boys and fashion.

Having the same problem? Well stop worrying! Lipstick Jungle is here to solve all your problems!

The show, set in New York, is another of Candace Bushnell’s babies. Main characters Wendy (Brooke Shields), Nico (Kim Raver) and Victory (Lindsay Price) are all high flying women with incredible jobs living the dream in NY. A bit like SATC, only a bit more contemporary and dare I say it with a much better sense of fashion.

Our favourite has to be Victory Ford – as a fashion designer she wears all the best clothes in the show and we love her humour!
Also, her love interest in the show, Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy), is Arthur Beniker from The Beniker Gang and Jonathan Switcher from Mannequin – amazing films!

Now, prepare to be dazzled! How many times have you watched a show like this and though “Oooh! I want THAT bag!” and had no idea where it’s from?
Well if you check out the Lipstick Jungle website it actually tells you such information, and not only the gear you see on the girls, but the stuff you see in Victory’s store! Click here to visit!

You can watch the second series on Living TV every Monday at 10pm (repeated on +1 at 11pm).

You can buy the first series through our store by clicking here.

OK, I’ll give you one more reason to tune in! Nico’s love interest and photographer Kirby Atwood (Robert Buckley). See below for the reason.Really, there’s no need to thank us! All in a day’s work!