Jade marries Jack

Jade Goody and her fiance of 8 days got married today in Hertfordshire. Jade wore an ivory dress given to her by Harrods owner Mohammed al Fayed. Guests at the wedding included Nick Ross (from Crimewatch) and Anthony Costa (formerly from Blue), with a performance from the Sugababes.

Jade’s publicist Max Clifford said of the wedding, which was planned in under 2 weeks, “It was lovely. The chapel was absolutely beautiful and I imagine there must be close to 200 people there. When they came out having signed the register they got a standing ovation from everybody there. It was just a very heart-rending, happy ceremony with lots of tears and lots of smiles and lots of laughter.”
The couple should be spending their wedding night together after Jack’s curfew conditions were relaxed for the evening.
Despite the happiness of the day, Jade is still involved in a dispute with her former partner Jeff Brazier over their two children. She wants the boys to carry on seeing her now husband Jack Tweed, but Jeff is said to be unhappy about offering him any access rights.
A source close to Jeff told the News of the World “Jeff disagrees with Jade, and doesn’t think Jack is the sort of role model who should be in his boys’ life going forward. It might be unfair but he views Jack as immature and irresponsible, and doesn’t trust him enough to be a good dad to his two young children.”