Guest Blogger: Steve O’Gallagher

“I decided to mission it up to Leeds from London for the very special Aquabats, MC Lars, and Failsafe gig at the Cockpit.
It’d been months since I last caught up with Failsafe, years since I last chilled with Lars, and I’d never even seen The Aquabats before so it was bound to be a pretty sweet evening.

I got to the venue at about 3pm, helped Non-Stop Promotions to set up for the gig, and then just chilled in the dressing room waiting for the bands to arrive. MC Lars and his rap buddy DJ rolled in at about 5pm, Aquabats shortly thereafter, and finally Failsafe. Everyone present and accounted for, introductions made with the Aquabats (all super-nice guys. Was odd hanging with them without all their costumes and masks on though!), and soundchecks got underway. A rare gig where all the bands are there on time and everything’s running smoothly!

Failsafe took the stage shortly after doors opened and played a blinder of a set. Those guys really know how to rock. Despite being a heavier brand of music than the other acts on the bill, they had the crowd behind them in no time. Great start to the evening.

MC Lars took the stage and owned it from the get-go. The songs rocked, the humour was flowing, and it was clearly all about having a good time. It’s impossible to dislike anything Lars does. He’s a true player for real, after all! I joined him on stage during one of the songs and sang the choruses that Jaret Riddick from Bowling For Soup normally sings. Daunting much?! Check out the video of that below!


The set was finished off by a guest appearance from The MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats singing “This Gigantic Robot Kills”. Quality!

The Aquabats took the stage to a ground-shaking applause from the anticipation. Those costumes… spot on! Their tunes were brilliantly upbeat and fun which is good for the soul. They rocked out loads and had some genius comedy banter. They were even stage invaded by a giant golden monster which had to be defeated by the crowd throwing ‘magic bread’ at it. Genuinely. That happened.

All in all, it was a brilliant night. Good music, good people, and a good ole knees-up afterwards at the Slam Dunk club night. Go Google the bands and check out their tunes, they’re all winners!”

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