What a Gok!

Needing a Matt Willis fix? Well you won’t have to wait much longer because the spectacle clad popstar will be on new
show Grouchy Young Men which premieres exclusively on Comedy Central on Sunday 12th April at 10pm.

From the people that brought you Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women, comes Grouchy Young Men, a brand new one-hour special for Comedy Central that gives fresh batch of tetchy testosterone the chance to let off some steam. Proving that grumpyness is by no means a state of being confined to just the oldies, these twenty to thirty-something men have a catalogue of complaints that make them mad as hell, from today’s unfathomable hunger for fame to the minefield of modern dating.

Personally we think Willis is the biggest name on the show, I haven’t really heard of the rest of them unless you count tan-tastic evil David from Corrie…

Don’t miss it, 10pm, Sunday 12th!

P.S – Matt really does look like a Grouchy Young Men in that photo doesn’t he?

P.P.S – It IS Matt and not Gok Wan, we promise!