What a load of bird shit…

Ozzy Osbourne has predicted that he will die from… bird shit!

In an interview with The Sun, the hellraiser laughed about the time he diced with death after a quad bike accident and said he was likely to die in a more bizarre fashion.

“You know the way I’ll go? Some bird with some rare virus is going to fly over my head,” he said, adding: “It’s going to s*** on me and I’m going to melt on the floor.”

Of the quad bike accident, he said: “I was going 3mph, went over an embankment and the next minute I was coming out of a f****** coma – 3mph and it nearly f****** killed me!”

Ozzy also spoke about being teetotal.

“Nowadays I just keep my head above water. I don’t drink anymore, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I’m quite boring actually,” he said.

However he said that his son Jack gave him a wake-up call when he watched some interviews with his dad from the 1980s.

“I thought that I was having f****** fun but my son said ‘have you seen those old interviews with you, dad?’

“And I went ‘no, I can’t stand to watch’. I’m so pathetically f****** drunk, it’s like watching a f****** train wreck or something.

“I thought I was having the greatest time of my life and used to think I was the craziest guy in rock ‘n’ roll but you know what? Even crazy people want a rest.”

Source: MSN News