Zac Efron Can’t Sing?

Don’t get us wrong we love Zac Efron, but lighten the fuck up!

Dirty eared Efron has been in England to promote his film 17 Again. We’ve seen him spinning basket balls on GMTV and cuddling up to David Walliams on The Graham Norton Show but finally his tolerance of embarrassing English interviews has worn thin.

On Wednesday morning we got out of bed for Zac (the opposite of what we’d like to do) to watch him on This Morning but he came across as an uptight killjoy.

Those of you who have seen a pre recorded interview on This Morning will know how embarrassingly tacky they are, but that’s part of the fun! So the blonde lady who was interviewing him (really sorry, can’t remember her name) sang a little jingle to Zac and asked him to sing it too. Zac looked worried and one of his people from behind the camera said “we don’t sing”.

Oooh! You don’t sing do you Mr Efron, star of High School Musical, HSM2, HSM3 and Hairspray?

He didn’t even laugh at her jokes, in fact poor Zac came across as uptight and humourless.

Still love you though Zac!


P.S – Sorry for the dodgy video, this is the only one we could find!