Flecking Records Magazine – Issue 5

Issue 5 is here and it’s one of our best yet. We’ve got your old favourites, your current favourites and some guys
that we know you are going to just love!

So, what have we got?

A true contender for our all time favourite interview, our cover boy James Buckley – in our opinion the star of The Inbetweeners, clunge lover Jay. He chatted to us about the E4 hit show, Soccer Six, his band, bus wankers… the usual! We’re slightly disappointed he’s nothing like Jay in real life but he’s definitely just as funny and a much sharper dresser!

We’ve also got an interview with the new and improved Blazin’ Squad, not that they weren’t our dirty little secret first time around! Mus, Kenzie and James (the 3 fittest, come on!) gave us all the gossip on the slightly smaller Squad!

The wonderful Brendan Brown from Wheatus chatted to us about the band, the new EP and celebrating their 10 year anniversary – has it really been that long?

Steve “oh-ay-oh” Rushton filled us in on life as a Disney star and his love of a good scarf. Insightful stuff, not to be missed.

We’ve also got an account of our bogey-rific time with DJ Willis (you’ll have to read to find out what we mean) and an On Tour With McFly special. We got the ball rolling with a review of our own then left it to fans from all over the world (Brazil, Argentina… Manchester) to write about their tour encounters with the McBoys!

We’ve also reinvented the way we bring you the goings on at Celeb Soccer Six – this time you’ll read about what happened in the forum of some pretty funny awards!

The news pages are graced by Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, Matt Willis, James Bourne, Steve Rushton and more.