James Buckley Interview

Shockwaves NME Awards 2010 - Inside Arrivals
"I actually had to say to an old woman 'can you suck me off' while we were filming"

Like us, if you’re a huge fan of The Inbetweeners you’ll know exactly who James Buckley is. We’ve often wondered if James would be anything like Jay, the character he plays in the E4 hit comedy. We’re slightly disappointed to report that James is nothing like Jay, he didn’t even say clunge once!
Check out what James had to say about Soccer Six, bus wankers and his band London Waiting!

We were at Soccer Six supporting ‘Team Inbetweeners’! Did you have a good time?
It was great! To play football at Stamford Bridge was amazing! We all had a lot of fun.

Who would be on your celebrity dream team?
I’m not sure, I like to win so I guess my “celebrity” team would be me, Ronaldo, Rooney, John Terry, Torres, and Beckham. Yes, they’re all actual footballers.

We’ve seen you in the Inbetweeners, Holby City, Skins, and old favourite Teachers – are there any other TV shows you’d like a part in?
I’d like to be in an episode of Peep Show. I was in a cab with David Mitchell once and I was too scared to talk to him. He seemed really intelligent and powerful!

We love The Inbetweeners – did you know shouting “Bus wankers” has really caught on? We’ve seen it happen!
Yes, I’ve had messages from friends that have been called a bus wanker!

Has anyone shouted it at you in the street?
Not yet. I’m thinking I may shout it once. Do you think people will be honoured to be called a bus wanker by the actual Jay?

Do you ever get embarrassed? Some of your lines are pretty rude!
Oh yes, you have to really not think about what you say too much. It’s all funny asking an old lady if she gives oral sex but what people forget is that I actually had to say to an old woman ‘can you suck me off’ while we were filming. It’s very embarrassing!

You recently Tweeted that “Apart from suggesting an orgy with my followers in the past I’m nothing like Jay” –
we were going to ask if you were anything like Jay?

I’m nothing like Jay!

Were you anything like him at school?
I wasn’t like him, although I did like to take the piss out of everyone and everyone took this piss out of me! I had a lot of fun during school, I just laughed for all those years!

We bet you had more luck with the ladies!
I think everyone has had more luck than The Inbetweeners!

Got any good chat up lines for us?
I have no chat up lines, do they work?

Sometimes. While we’re on the subject of Twitter, would you say you were addicted?
It’s really cool to be stuck in town with a few hours to kill and always have a few thousand people to ask ‘Any ideas on what I should do?’ and things like that. I’m a follower of Jonathan Ross. He’s interesting. When I saw him at the BAFTAs I wanted to go up to him and say ‘Hey I follow you on twitter! I feel like I actually know you’ but then I realised that that’s a weird thing to say and chickened out. I think it may have had something to do with the free booze!

Let’s be honest, Twitter is a stalker’s dream. Have you come across any worrying followers yet?
Nope, I love my followers, they’re all just really nice to me.

What about weird fan mail?
Nope, no weird fan mail either. I love the fact people take the time to write to me and tell me how good they think I am.

If you entered Britain’s Got Talent, what would your talent be?
I’d be terrible in those talent shows, X-Factor and what not. I watched the final of Britain’s Got Talent this year. I didn’t really know any of the acts but I thought that the best team won on the day. Never have I found a dance act so entertaining!

Not got any party tricks?
Not really.

You’re in a band! Would you rather be a touring musician than an actor?
Nah, the music industry is too unorganised for me, I like to be busy and know what I’m working towards.

Tell us about the band.
We’re just four lads from Essex who love music and being in a band. That’s it really. It’s just simple rock and roll. No gimmicks or fads. We just get together and have a lot of fun.

We interview loads of actors who are in bands but you seem different – you play guitar, drums and piano. Have you always been heavily into music?
Yeah music’s a huge part of my life. If it wasn’t for people like the Gallagher’s who have come from nothing to make something of themselves I wouldn’t have much faith in myself.

What music are you in to?
I love rock and roll. Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths and that kind of thing. I’ve always been so into my music. I’m actually DJing for the first time this Friday in Rayleigh which is gonna be loads of fun!

Who would you love to tour with?
I’d love to tour with either The Cribs or The View. They’re the best bands about at the moment.

You’re a pretty snappy dresser! Who’s your fashion inspiration?
My dress sense has got boring really the last couple of years. I guess I’m influenced by bands. There was a time when I wore sequined silver scarves and things. Nowadays I just wear jeans and T-shirts. Less theatrical. I might get bored and go a bit mad again soon.

What’s next for James the musician?
We’re just playing local gigs. All our details are on MySpace.

What’s next for James the actor?
There’s a couple of things I may be getting involved with. I’m playing it real safe at the moment. After The Inbetweeners being such a success I’m being very careful what I do next. I do have a sitcom coming out in September for the BBC called Fresh. I started filming that like the day after we finished filming The Inbetweeners. I was pretty dead by the time I finished filming Fresh to say the least!

Describe yourself in three words.
Short shy man.