Steve 4 Miley

Oh how we love it when we’re right!

On the 18th August 2008 we posted to tell you that Steve Rushton was working with Miley Cyrus, playing guitar in the Hannah Montana movie. We also commented on how flirty and close they looked in the photos we saw and so we posed the question – are Steve and Miley an item?

Well what do you know, Steve and Miley are on page 3 of The Sun today (clothed, obviously) with the headline ‘Miley dating a Dork’.

A source told The Sun, “He first met her on the set of the Hannah Montana film after he was asked to play lead guitar for her band. They hit it off straight away.” The pair are reported to be “smitten”.

In an interview with us (which will be in the next issue of our magazine) Steve speaks proudly about being a member of the Disney family and always says nice things about Miley but we can’t help but wonder, is there something Steve isn’t telling us?

The source also told The Sun that although they’ve been spending a lot of time apart they have been constantly instant messaging each other. They’re both big fans of Twitter – could The Rushtonaiter be the one all Miley’s soppy Tweets are aimed at?

Tweets like…
Sitting by the lake, eating an ice cream cone, while watching lighting strike… this all reminds me of YOU.”
We’re miles and miles apart but I’m still holding on to your heart.”
I hurt for you.”
“My heart is in two… and its all because of you.” a song i am starting to write :)”
God we love Twitter – we could go on all day!

So is it true? The fact that Steve is 22 isn’t an issue, let’s face it for a 16 year old Miley has had her fair share of boyfriends. Let us not forget Justin Gaston, 21 or Nick Jonas, 16.
Other online sources say she’s also dated one of her backing dancers and Disney star Dylan Sprouse. There are several other names dotted around the internet although not all are confirmed and the internet is not always the most reliable source out there.

Apparently Steve gets on really well with Achey Breaky Heart legend and hottie Billy Ray Cyrus – he clearly hasn’t seen the video of Steve on YouTube jumping up and down naked on a trampoline.

If the rumours are true then best of luck to them. Check out our interview with Steve in the next issue of Flecking Records Magazine.