Behind Closed Doors…

It seems like the more time that goes by since Peter Andre and Katie Price split, the more people are joining Team Andre.

With Katie (or should I say Jordan?) off on holiday flashing her knickers while Pete is at home watching the kids it’s no surprise!

Peter Andre leaving BBC Radio One in a Ive just been interviewed by Chris Moyles T Shirt in London

We’ve heard mixed reviews on Pete’s new single Behind Closed Doors, more good than bad. To be honest we’re not sure what to make of it. I was expecting to love it and be totally ashamed of the fact, but it’s yet to grow on me.


Those of you following their split will be pleased to know Katie is doing a tell all interview with Piers Morgan on ITV on Saturday at 9pm. It’s already on our Sky+!

Katie Price and Peter Andre leave the Trump Hotel in NYC