Big Lover

Big Brother Housemates Noirin and Siavash have become the latest in the house to get up close and personal – sharing a brief illicit ‘kiss’ between the covers as other housemates slept.

Earlier, Siavash had ranted to Noirin, Dogface, Tom and Rodrigo, “I am the winner of this show.

“I came in to get something, I got that something…maybe we should f****** walk out.”

Tom echoed Siavash’s sentiments. When Noirin asked him whether he was going to leave the Big Brother house, the self-proclaimed posh-boy replied, “I honestly don’t know.

Big Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The HouseBig Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The House

“I don’t know what my motivation is to carry on. I didn’t come here for money, or to get my photo-f******-graph taken – I just wanted to do it.”

“I’m not an attention seeker, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Things eventually calmed down, and Bea joined Siavash and Noirin in bed. They talked about the other housemates for twenty minutes before Bea left Siavash and Noirin alone.

They didn’t waste any time – soon disappearing beneath the covers.

The whispering stopped and wet kissing noises could be made out, before the duo re-surfaced moments later.

Shortly afterwards, the 23-year-old Londoner whispered to Noirin, “I hope you’re not going to leave any time soon.”

Throughout, Marcus was locked in the cage in the garden.

Talking to Charlie and Rodrigo through the bars Marcus said, “It’s funny – all the stuff you can miss just by being in the garden.”

Watch the kiss here.